Our Story

A Reform. Handcrafted clothing for everyday living.

कहत कबीर सुनो भाई साधो…

STUDIO KABIR is a narrative based quality clothing and lifestyle brand. We work with rural and tribal handloom weavers across India. We design stylish and sustainable clothing, out of premium handwoven textiles.

Who is KABIR?
Our work is inspired by India’s most famous weaver saint, Kabir. Popularly known for “Kabir ke dohe”.  Kabir was a poet and a social reformer. He used to weave fabrics and sell them on the ghats of Banaras.

Textile is the second largest polluter on the planet. Fast fashion has taken over the market. The condition of our culturally rich craftspeople residing in the rural pockets of India is alarming. We need a reform! Ancient Indian wisdom, our industry research and creative outlook around beautiful, handcrafted textiles proves that handmade fabric is the solution to these problems. What if Saint Kabir would have made clothing from handwoven fabrics? How would it look like? Will it have a message? Inspired by Saint Kabir we build a sustainable and fashionable clothing brand. A brand whose clothing becomes a tool for reformation.

Vision: At STUDIO KABIR our vision is to bring in a reform. A cultural, environmental, political, socio-economical reform. To make handloom clothing an integral part of our everyday life. A Textile X Culture syncretism. How is this possible through a piece of clothing you might wonder?  Follow STUDIO KABIR to know more.

Our Projects

At STUDIO KABIR we undertake innovative projects to celebrate life. Interdisciplinary learning and creative thinking is our core. We spread awareness about Indigenous wisdom and social upliftment. Handloom and healthy living.



“Reforming Ethnic Clothing for Elegant Everyday Living”. We work with handloom weavers from different pockets of India. Handcrafting everyday, elegant clothing for playful, conscious living.

Comfortable, weather appropriate clothing from indigenous weaves. Our textiles are ethically sourced, handcrafted, naturally dyed. Loving to the skin, And the environment.


cosmetics and lifestyle


Houses consciously handcrafted lifestyle items. Luxurious handmade cosmetics, home decor, accessories and intimation jewellery; boasting elegant Indian craftsmanship.


May we all blossom 🌸